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Leftists Call for Gun Control Law That Already Exists

As if on cue, leftists journalists around the country are calling for more gun control.

Specifically, they’re blasting Republicans for not supporting new regulations barring anyone convicted of domestic abuse and other legal infractions from purchasing firearms.

There’s just one problem with that idea: the law already exists.

Devin P. Kelley was denied a gun license by the state of Texas for that reason.

However, he somehow was able to obtain an automatic rifle nonetheless.

This reality underscores what the anti-gun left simply cannot grasp: criminals don’t follow laws, which might explain why they’re criminals.

That’s a novel concept right there, which the left may never fully understand.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Journalists and leftist activists are calling for a ban on gun purchases by convicted domestic abusers after the Texas church shooting, seemingly unaware that such a law already exists.

Last year, the Supreme Court upheld a federal law that prevents people with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions from possessing or purchasing firearms. The law was enacted in 1996 and was intended to extend provisions in a 1968 act that banned anyone convicted of a felony or who had a domestic violence protective order from possessing a firearm.

In fact, Devin P. Kelley, the gunman who killed at least 26 people in a Texas church on Sunday, was denied a gun license from the state. It is unclear how he was able to get around a background check in 2016 to buy a semi-automatic rifle in San Antonio, as his history of domestic violence should have precluded him from buying the gun. Lying on a background check form is a felony, and Kelley’s domestic violence conviction should have been caught by the federal background check system.

There may have been some kind of breakdown in the system, but buying a gun with a domestic violence conviction is already against the law.

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