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Leftists: Cow Farts Cause Mass African “Refugee” Influx

Think we were kidding? Here’s the Leftists at MSN:

As global warming continues to worsen, the effects of climate change will force people worldwide to migrate to new areas to survive. Africa is expected to be among the hardest hit by climate change, and if actions aren’t taken quickly, by 2050 the situation will be so dire that up to 86 million people will have to leave their homes, a new World Bank report found.

For this report, the World Bank, an international development organization that lends money to nations to help improve their standard of living, specifically looked in the West African and Lake Victoria Basin regions of the continent, which are home to millions of people…

As part of the Paris Climate Agreement, global leaders are supposed to be implementing policies and developing strategies to limit global warming to less than 2° Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. If current policies do not change, however, it will lead to 2.9° Celsius, scientists say.

To prevent the soon-to-come mass migration, the World Bank said that the world must take “bold, transformative” actions, and quickly. Read more…

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