Leftists: Dead Marines in Kabul Were “White Supremacists”

In the wake of the terrible Afghanistan suicide bombing that ripped through the Abbey Gate of the Kabul Airport killing 13 heroic US soldiers, one brave liberal magazine was asking all of the right questions.

Now, obviously Vice Magazine had this piece ready to publish before the suicide bombs hit Kabul. After all, a piece of investigative journalism this riveting and ground-breaking is many months, if not years, in the making.

How many neo-Nazis did Vice report were found to be serving in the US Marines? Vice reported that sixteen currently serving Marines over the past three years were allegedly either neo-Nazis or vaguely labeled as “extremists”. A further seven former Marines over the past three years, Vice reported, identified with either neo-Nazism or the so-called “extreme right” — another vague charge Vice likes to slap on people it doesn’t like.

That’s right folks. More than five “neo-Nazis” or “extremists” per year. And more than two former Marines per year. Over a three year period. Out of 186,000 active duty Marines, and 102,000 reserves. In other words, Vice’s intrepid journalism revealed that 0.00860215% of active duty Marines were reportedly tagged as either neo-Nazis or “extremists.” And given that there are millions and millions of former Marines, an even more infinitesimal percentage of ex-Marines were reportedly neo-Nazis or “extremists”. Read more…

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