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Leftists Have Declared War on Another Governor for Defending Girls’ Sports

“Cancel Culture” is something nobody can avoiding hearing about in modern America. We’re new to the stadium: most countries just call it mob violence. Whether that’s Antifa attacking Senator Josh Hawley’s house, Twitter mobs destroying peoples’ lives, or big business blackmailing state governments to drop “politically incorrect” laws, it’s all the same. As the Left in America tries to pry open the doors of girls’ bathrooms, and erode the achievements of truly exemplary ladies in women’s sports, one Governor has decided to strike back. What she has received in response is, to say the least, very telling of what her opponents have in mind for conservatives in America.

South Dakota is just one of approximately two dozen states that are passing bills to ban transgender students from participating in middle and high school sports outside their biological sex.

The language of HB 1217 states in part, “A team or sport designated as being female is available only to participants who are female, based on their biological sex.”

Big business and Leftist agitators are already preparing a campaign of moral and economic blackmail in response to this act of raging common sense. Here’s the attempted guilt-trip by the President and Chief Lobbyist of South Dakota’s Chamber of Commerce, David Owen: he called House Bill 1217 “the worst bill that passed this session,” and argued that the bill “professes to protect women’s sports, but is really just a flat ban against transgender participation.”

Because America needs more men in women’s sports. Read more…

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