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Leftists Use Thanksgiving to Doxx Family Members

The Atlantic published an essay on the eve of Thanksgiving, calling on readers to utilize family Thanksgiving get-togethers to “deprogram” and sow doubt in conservative relatives, suggesting that one may even succeed in changing their mind or perhaps “need to report [them] to the FBI!”

In an essay penned by Daily Beast contributing editor Molly Jong-Fast titled “Deprogram your relatives this Thanksgiving,” the left-wing pundit called the national celebration “terrible” and “no one’s idea of a great time,” though insisted using the time to “deprogram” relatives could make it worthwhile.

“This Thanksgiving, it’s time to deprogram your relatives @MollyJongFast writes in Wait, What. ‘Maybe you’ll even change a heart or a mind … Or maybe you’ll need to report a relative to the FBI! Either way, it’s something to do besides just eat.'” Read more…

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