Legacy No More: Trump Nixes Obama’s HHS Mandate

You may recall landmark Supreme Court cases in recent months like Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor in which the Court ruled that Obamacare cannot force organizations to engage in actions concerning health care that violates their religious beliefs.

But many of those organizations were still entangled in court actions against the Department of Justice.

That is until yesterday when the Trump administration delivered on a promise to end the draconian rule known as the HHS mandate which forced all organizations to offer contraceptives as a part of their health plans even if it violated their religious tenets.

The administration essentially expanded Obama’s exemptions to include religious and moral objectors.

Practically it neuters the entire mandate since the exemption is so broadly written.

Obama’s legacy is quickly unraveling.

Here’s more from the Hill…

The Trump administration on Friday rolled back an ObamaCare requirement that employers include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans.

Under highly anticipated rules published Friday, any for-profit or non-profit employer or insurer can stop following the birth control mandate on moral and religious grounds.

The changes also let publicly traded companies obtain a religious exemption but not a moral one.

The rules take effect immediately.

ObamaCare mandated that employers offer health insurance that covers birth control without a co-pay, with exemptions for houses of worship and some companies.

According to senior HHS officials on a press call Friday, employers will not have to file anything with the government to stop offering the birth control coverage; instead, they simply have to notify their employees of the decision.

The move could potentially impact millions of Americans who now receive birth control with no co-payments.

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