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Let’s Hope This Ends Stacey Abrams’ Ridiculous Career

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams appeared maskless on Friday in front of dozens of masked elementary school children in a photo that she has since deleted after it sparked widespread outrage.

In the photo, Abrams appears smiling at an elementary school “African-American Read-In” event for Black History Month at Glennwood Elementary School in Decatur, a city within Atlanta Metro’s deeply Democrat Dekalb County.

City Schools of Decatur, which Glennwood Elementary is a part of, specifies on its website that all students and employees inside Decatur school buildings must wear masks. A pamphlet on the website also specifies that cloth masks are among the “approved mask types.”

The photo of Abrams was first shared Friday by Glennwood principal Holly Brookins in a Twitter post, and then retweeted by Abrams, who was subsequently met with a massive wave of criticism for being the only individual in the photo not wearing a mask. Read more…

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