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Lib Journalists Cringe at Democracy When Patriots Win

Hungary held an election last week, and the result was not close. Viktor Orban’s conservative populist Fidesz party cruised to victory with 54% of the vote — beating a coalition of opposition parties by twenty points — and once again winning a supermajority in the Hungarian parliament…

It’s not hard to figure out what is going on here. There is nothing “extreme” or “anti-democratic” about Orban’s government. Hungary has invaded nobody and threatens nobody. Unlike America, it is not holding any political prisoners in third-world torture gulags. Its positions on immigration and gay rights are indistinguishable from those held by many countries right now, or those held by the U.S. all of 25 years ago.

Hungary’s only crime is supposedly “voting against democracy.” This bizarre formulation reveals far more about the Globalist American Empire than it does about Hungary, though. Every one of the Globalist American Empire’s complaints about Hungary’s “dying” democracy is fake. For our corrupt ruling class, “liberal democracy” is a fake gloss thinly disguising a demand for total political submission.

In reality, Hungary is far more of a democracy than the United States and has been for decades. That is partly why Hungary’s government is so hated. Read more…

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