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Liberal Anchor Chuck Todd Attacks DeSantis on Anti-Communist Education

On NBC’s Meet the Press, moderator and former Democrat Party staffer Chuck Todd accused Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of playing politics when he told a Las Vegas audience that Florida was the first in the country to establish November 10 as the day Florida schools teach students about the dangers of communism. This clearly upset Todd, who seemed to realize this would make children less likely to grow up and vote Democrat since that’s the party closest on the political spectrum to communism.

Turning to his assembled panel, Todd bemoaned: “I don’t know if DeSantis is going to be talking to swing voters – here’s like one of the things he said in Vegas yesterday. Take a listen to this.” He then aired a soundbite of DeSantis bragging about one of his educational reforms:

We’re also the first state in the country to establish every November 10, the day in our schools is earmarked to teach our students at all grade levels about the evils of communist regimes throughout history we’re going to tell the truth about Marxism and Leninism. Read more…

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