Liberal Media Is Begging For A Trump Watergate

Despite their animus against James Comey during the Hillary email investigation — not to mention the re-investigation just before the election — Democrats and journalists are itching for reasons to suggest that Trump’s ouster of Comey rises to the level of the Watergate scandal.

Harkening to Nixon’s firing of the independent special prosecutor, libs are calling Comey’s axing the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’…except it was on Friday.

They won’t stop until they’ve pressed for a prosecutor to investigate collusion to cover up the alleged Trump-Russia connection.

Here’s more from Heatstreet…

To read the media coverage of FBI Director James Comey’s firing on social media Tuesday night, you would have thought that the (not criminal) investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia had all been proven true, and that by week’s end, Donald Trump would be resigning, giving a pudgy little thumbs up while stepping onto Marine One for one last time. His brief, chaotic presidency would suddenly come to an end, swiftly felled by an avalanche of Twitter snark and unproven sources from journalists who believe they are the next Woodward and Bernstein.

Each edition of the New York Times or Washington Post is now sacred parchment, like the Magna Carta itself, to be persevered in perpetuum so future generations can marvel at the courage of our free speech warriors who toppled the great god emperor.

Times reporter Eric Lipton did a side by side comparison of the Wednesday Times front page on the Comey pink slip alongside the Times’ 1973 front page on the “Saturday Night Massacre” when Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox. “Many hear echoes of Watergate” blasted the Times on Wednesday’s cover. “The immediate echo: Saturday Night Massacre” blared The Washington Post.  May 10th was the same day the House of Representatives initiated impeachment hearings against Nixon, about which The Washington Post went out of its way to remind readers — the idea being, of course, that there are eerie parallels with Trump dismissing an embattled FBI Director, whom many Democrats loathed.

“Okay, now is this Watergate?” begged Elizabeth Drew at Politico. John Podesta tweeted at Trump: “Didn’t you know you’re supposed to wait til Saturday night to massacre people investigating you?”

These comparisons between Trump and Nixon did not suddenly fall from the sky upon Comey’s firing. On March 28, Chris Matthews ran a segment comparing the two presidents, with Nixon biographer John Farrell as a guest.

Several established media outlets are convinced Comey’s firing means that Trump, like Nixon, is guilty of something. Of what, exactly, none can explain. They simply hope that by tossing out the name “Watergate”, the impression will stick and somehow Trump will magically vanish.

Collusion with Russia? Nothing yet. Senate committee Democrat Chris Murphy even told Morning Joe there is no smoking gun. Diane Feinstein told CNN on May 4th that there was no definite proof of collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia. Maxine Waters herself admitted as much on Jonathan Capehart’s podcast. “ I’ve got to ask you,” Capehart wondered, “because you leveled a whole lot of accusations out there about collusions and hacking and all of that. Have you seen anything, either through the intelligence briefings, anything to back up any of the accusations that you’ve made?” Waters responded that none has been found.

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