Liberal Professor Loses Suit Against Pro-Life Students

From the ‘Campus Libs Gone Wild’ Files, an uber-leftist professor, Dr. Gregory Thatcher, was ordered by a California district court to pay a settlement to the Fresno State University Students for Life after violating their First Amendment rights.

Thatcher instructed his students to join him in erasing pro-life chalk writing by pro-life students on campus.

Then when confronted about the incident actually argued that, despite the students having a permit from administration, “college campuses are not free speech areas.”

Yes, he actually uttered those words.

That’s the extent of liberals’ perspective on free speech. College campuses apparently are protected zones in which speech is highly regulated and subject to approval from the powers that be.

King George III just called.

He reminds tyranny also needs soldiers in red coats.

Here’s more from Daily Wire…

A win for free speech and pro-life came courtesy of a California district court settlement, which ordered a professor to pay $17,000 after he tried to censor pro-life students drawing their message on the sidewalk with chalk.

Fresno State University public health professor Dr. Gregory Thatcher not only allegedly urged students from his class to erase the pro-life messages drawn by Fresno State Students for Life, he actually attempted to erase them himself.

After Thatcher’s students attempted to erase the messages, which urged students to look for pro-life health care options, he showed up and tried to bully the pro-life students by telling them they were outside of the free speech zone and thus had no right to write their messages.

One problem: the free speech zone on the campus has not existed since 2015.

Bernadette Tasy, the pro-life club’s president, confronted Thatcher, informing him that the pro-life group had permission from the university, but Thatcher remained obdurate, erasing the chalk with his shoe and snapping, “You have permission to put it down, and I have permission to get rid of it. This is our part of free speech. College campuses are not free speech areas. Do you understand? Obviously you don’t understand.”

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