Liberals Push Myth That Climate Change Created Harvey, Irma

Hurricane Harvey is less than 30 days from over and Irma is still churning up the Florida coast, but liberal econuts are so dogmatic about global warming they can’t give it a rest long enough to show a bit of sympathy for the victims.

With Harvey’s aftermath fresh on the streets of Houston, Politico ran a smug headline blasting ‘Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like’.

Not to be outdone, the enviro-chondriacs at the uber-liberal Climate Hawks Vote boldly proposed that Harvey and Irma are proof global warming deniers deserve jail time.

Except there’s one question: what accounts for the lack of major hurricanes since Katrina? Global warming hysterics only bother to crow when bad stuff happens.


Here’s more from Daily Signal…

Flooding in homes and businesses across Houston was still on the rise when Politico ran a provocative article, titled “Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like.”

Politico was not alone, as another news outlet called the one-two punch of Harvey and Irma the potential “new normal.” Brad Johnson, executive director of the advocacy group Climate Hawks Vote, says Harvey and Irma are reason to finally jail officials who “reject science.”

Rather than focus on the victims and offer solutions for speedy recovery, pundits and politicians in the wake of Harvey focused on saying, “I told you so.”

Except they’re not telling the full story.

Consider this data from a 2012 article in the Journal of Climate, authored by climatologists Roger Pielke Jr. and Jessica Weinkle. Pielke tweeted a graph from the paper that shows no trends in global tropical cyclone landfalls over the past 46 years.

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