Lieberman for State, Cruz for Supreme Court?

The hunt for a Secretary of State appears to getting no closer to an announcement this morning that it was last week.

After the report of Jon Huntsman being added to the list, others are pushing for more as the transition team indicated that it could be two more weeks before an announcement is made.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

At the risk of “offending” the millions of people who supported and fought for him, Donald Trump should drop Mitt Romney from consideration for Secretary of State, best-selling author and radio host Wayne Allyn Root wrote for Townhall. 

He added, there are two darkhorse names the President-elect should consider for his administration: Joe Lieberman and Ted Cruz.

Root, an early supporter of Trump’s, makes the case for Cruz for the Supreme Court vacancy, and offers up 5 reasons why Lieberman would be a solid choice for Secretary of State:

  • Expand the GOP tent looking ahead to 2020.
  • Expand the tent with Jewish voters.
  • Lieberman is extremely qualified.
  • Lieberman is a conservative when it comes to foreign policy.
  • He’s a bi-partisan leader.

As for Cruz, Root says Trump’s primary foe is a conservative constitutionalist, but writes he should go with Cruz for a far more visceral reason.

“Visualize the hatred liberals have for you Donald. This is your chance to return the favor,” Root wrote. “The ultra-left will never like or respect you. Never. Here is how to pay them back. They despise and fear a true principled conservative like Ted Cruz. Stick the knife in…and twist it. Make your enemies sick to their stomachs.”

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