LOL! Check Out How Well AOC’s Climate Film is Doing

America, prepare for another Oscar-worthy performance from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

If you weren’t dropping a kidney stone or having a wisdom tooth extracted, I have an entertainment suggestion for you. Now playing in theaters across the frozen plain is an AOC’s new documentary, titled “To The End.” She stars in her blockbuster of a doom-and-gloom documentary and narrates the 2-minute trailer.

The trailer opens with the urgent twangs of a guitar, like the beat of a racing heart. AOC begins by telling us “Fighting for change politically requires faith.” It then jumps into vignettes and clips of people holding signs and yelling (there’s a lot of yelling). The soundtrack seems to be playing gospel music that is reminiscent of the civil rights movement…

“ain’t nobody gonna hold us down. Gonna climb that mountain…”

A young woman tells an MTV reporter that “we are building an army of young people to stop the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs for our generation.” It’s a line she likely has cranked out thousand times without any pushback. Read more…

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