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Lol: CNN Redefines “Groomer” as “Anti-LGBTQ Slur”

Tara John, a London-based reporter for CNN, wrote an article on Thursday covering the protests of a Drag Queen Story Hour in England, inaccurately portraying protestors of the event as “far right extremists” who are “importing US hate,” and redefining the word “groomer” to be an anti-LGBTQ slur.

The article, titled “Drag queen storytime in England promotes compassion and inclusion. British far-right extremists are importing US hate against them,” spoke of a recent Drag Queen Story Hour UK event which was met with protestors, some of which unfurled a banner in front of the event’s library location that read “welcome groomers.”

A single sentence from the article defining the term “groomer” has gone viral. “The term ‘groomer’ is a homophobic stereotype used to falsely smear queer people and their supporters as child sex abusers,” says John. Read more…

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