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Lol: The Covid Hoaxsters Are Turning on Each Other

The Washington Examiner published the op-ed “The CDC needs new leadership, not reorganization” on Monday morning. The gist of the story is along the lines of what I was writing last week. The story reads:

“Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky admitted this week that her agency made ‘some pretty dramatic public mistakes’ handling the coronavirus, promising to ‘pivot’ the organization so that it can better provide information to ordinary people.

But communication was never the CDC’s real problem. That was its arrogant and politicized leadership, which was unable to tell the truth. That is why no one trusts the CDC anymore or cares much for its guidance, whatever it happens to be. The cure begins with Walensky’s resignation.”

One of the more interesting bits of news over the last week is that public health leadership and the associated community are turning on one of their own leaders. Read more…

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