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Lone Democrat Opposes Open Borders

Rogue Democrat Tulsi Gabbard slammed President Joe Biden over the porous nature of America’s open borders under his reign, accusing him of endangering the public to the threats of drug and human smuggling.

The former congresswoman and presidential candidate was speaking on Saturday with Fox’s Judge Jeanine, striking a tone almost unheard of in today’s woke open borders Democrat Party…

These drug cartels, these human traffickers, they are incredibly emboldened to the point where they feel that they can do this without consequence, where they feel they can continue profiting off of trafficking people across these borders that are essentially open… The fact is that the open-door policy that this administration has in place is posing a humanitarian crisis is creating a humanitarian crisis, as well as a very serious security threat for our country.“

Joe Biden has set the single-year all time record for illegal immigration, opening the nation’s borders to a floodstream of cheap labor for globalist oligarchs and potential left-wing voters. Read more…

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