Lone GOP Rep Takes on Foreign Election Interference

Republican Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie called out the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) after the massively powerful pro-Israel lobbying organization smeared Massie. The Kentucky Republican voted against sending another billion dollars of American taxpayer money to fund the “Iron Dome” military installation in Israel, a country that already receives massive and basically unconditional American taxpayer support.

“How is THIS not foreign interference in our elections?,” Massie tweeted in response to an AIPAC Sponsored advertisement that states “THOMAS MASSIE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME.” Though based in Washington, D.C., AIPAC is effectively the American lobbying arm of the Israeli government and politicians normally cower in fear of AIPAC’s political power. But Thomas Massie voted to protect the hard-earned tax dollars of his constituents, many of whom will never experience the wealth and status that so many Israel-supporting political donors enjoy. In significant ways, the tide is turning against the Zionist Israel lobby’s unchallenged power in American politics. Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently responded to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s latest attempt to get Carlson fired for accurately pointing out that white people are being demographically replaced in America. Carlson’s response? “F*ck them.” Read more…

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