Look How Anti-Drag Queen Protestors Get Treated

Idaho police in Coeur D’Alene appear to have been working with the feds and undercover informants to stage a mass arrest of Patriot Front members and Christian preachers for protesting an “LGBTQIA+ Pride” event targeting children in Idaho on Saturday.

“At Coeur d’Alene’s “Pride in the Park” Victoria Sumerz St. James a “drag performer” says that children should “put their dollar bills in the box” because it will look better that way “from a PR standpoint.” Children did hand “drag performers” dollars bills later anyway.”

…Remember how police put snipers on the roof to target protesters outside a Drag Queen Story Hour event in Spokane, Washington?

Imagine if they used this level of force in defense of all the businesses burned to the ground by BLM/Anfita rioters during the Summer of Floyd. Read more…

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