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Look Who’s Finally Going to East Palestine – Maybe.

In an interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was pressed about the administration’s widely panned response to the environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, earlier this month.

“The administration has come under some fire for the response. The Mayor of East Palestine has said it took nearly two weeks for the White House to contact them, and there were shouts of, ‘Where is Pete Buttigieg’ at a town hall meeting last week,” noted George Stephanopoulos. “What’s your response to that? When are you going to go to East Palestine?”

Buttigieg told Stephanopoulos he is planning to go to East Palestine, but did not say when.

“Well, I am planning to go, and our folks were on the ground from the first hours. I do want to stress that the NTSB needs to be able to do its work independently.” Read more…

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