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MA May Now Ban All Semi-Auto Rifles and Shotguns 

Virtually all semi-automatic firearms would be banned under a proposed Massachusetts law expanding the reach of its existing “assault weapons” ban.

Starting this year, Democrats control the state’s legislature as well as the governor’s office, fueling the party’s hopes for a new package of gun control laws, as reported by the Boston Globe.

A slew of new bills have already been introduced by Democratic State Rep. David Linsky, including one that would expand its definition of banned “assault weapons” to include virtually all semi-automatic firearms.

“Assault weapons,” as defined by various features and specific models, have been banned in the state since 1994.

The bill replaces the state’s lengthy definition of “assault weapon” with the phrase “any rifle or shotgun containing a semiautomatic mechanism.” Handguns are not mentioned in the bill. Read more…

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