Mad Maxine Faces ‘Impeach Waters’ Effort At Home

As we’ve reported ad nauseam, Mad Maxine Waters is foaming at the mouth in hopes her ‘Impeach Trump’ tour will finally win some followers.

Unfortunately for her, it’s not ginning up much more than a few laughs over a beer at the bar.

What’s more unfortunate is that she’s actually giving reasons for opponents back at home to take a second look at her hypocrisy.

And it’s a story ‘Straight Outa Compton’.

Waters’ district comprises majority-minority communities including Compton which is bankrupt, boasts failing schools, high crime rates and even the nation’s only bulletproof funeral home calls her district home.

That might be why she doesn’t actually live there. Instead, she cozies up in a 4-million mansion surrounded by a big wall to keep those dirty people out while she’s away blasting Trump for his wall and everything else she thinks may rise to the standard of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’.

It’s really rather entertaining.

Here’s more from Redstate…

California Democratic Congressomething Maxine Waters has been quite vocal since the election of Donald Trump.  Somehow, one hopes that she represents the outer fringes progressive/Democratic Party moonbattery, but given the press she receives, it’s more like she is becoming the unfortunate face of that party.  And one can see that mug almost daily as she pops up on talk shows or videos of her speeches and addresses appear on the Internet.  How deranged is she?  Let us count the ways (and this is just stuff from 2017!).


When she returned from an “Impeach Trump” tour of speaking engagements, she was met at her home by protesters, some with signs that read “Impeach Waters.”  The reason is the perception by many in her district, which includes Compton, that she is simply a terrible representative.  So what got them upset?  Perhaps it is the fact that Compton is $40 million in debt.  Or maybe the fact that the dropout rate in the schools is astronomically high.  Maybe it’s because their community college lost its accreditation.  Los Angeles county rated the district the worst for homicide rates.  But, she can take heart: Compton has the only bulletproof funeral home in America, so she can count that as an achievement.


Apparently, Auntie Maxine is not aware of the district she represents since she does not even live in the district.  Instead, the 35-year “public servant” purchased a $4 million mansion in an all-white neighborhood to get away from the failing school system, crime, and poverty that defines “her” district.  A vocal opponent of Trump’s proposed border wall, Waters sees no problem with constructing a wall around her $4 million mansion.  One wouldn’t want those pesky constituents trespassing on her property, but at least they are present here legally.

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