Mad Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump to Stop Border Wall

Just days after denying on MSNBC that she’s ever called for Trump’s impeachment, Mad Maxine called for Trump’s impeachment at a rally in LA yesterday.

But since she has yet to demonstrate an impeachable offense, her latest argument is that planning to build a wall to keep illegals from crossing the border crosses the threshold of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ because — wait for it — it’s “their country” too!

Yes, seriously, those words actually proceeded from her lips.

Apparently impeachment is now a tool for preventing the possibility of politically unpopular policies.

Here’s more from the American Mirror…

Fresh off claiming she never called for Donald Trump’s impeachment, Maxine Waters told a Los Angeles crowd on Tuesday that the president should be impeached so the border wall can be stopped.

Speaking to the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club at an LA church, Waters defended illegal immigrants, saying America is “their country.”

Talking about so-called DREAMers, Water said, “Can you imagine having been in this country for years, having gone to school.

“And the reason they call them DREAMers is because these are people who have hope. These are people who have gone to school. These are young people who want careers,” Waters said.

“These are people who are contributing to our society. And all of a sudden, they are thought to be folks who don’t deserve to be here and would be sent back to places they’ve never been. People they don’t know, systems they don’t understand,” she continued.

“This is their country,” Waters said, wagging her finger.

“But, we’ve got to resist that. We’ve not only got to resist that, we’ve got to stand up for our friends, for our neighbors,” she said.

Waters said it is “what God would have us do,” invoking the meeting location.

“I’m hoping and praying that this wall will never be built, and if we impeach him, we know it’s not going to get built,” Waters said as the audience laughed and clapped.

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