Mad Maxine Waters: We’re Organizing Bring Down ‘Deplorable Trump’

Last week we alerted readers to the travel plans of Mad Maxine Waters at a major Democrat event in New Hampshire.

And as we expected, Waters made headlines again with her perpetual anti-Trump rants.

If anyone doubts Waters’ self-proclaimed leadership of the impeach Trump movement, they haven’t been paying attention.

Though she professes to have no presidential ambitions, she insists she’s forging the movement to ‘bring down the deplorable’ Mr. Trump.

But apparently her invective became so unhinged that Democrat operatives opted to shut the media out of the event in hopes of preventing any more opportunities to catch Waters on video.

Such is the perception of her role in the party’s wayward pursuit of impeachment.

This is now becoming a spectator sport.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

After New Hampshire Democrats blocked reporters from attending an annual picnic that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) headlined on Sunday, Waters reportedly told attendees that she and her allies are actively “organizing” to bring down President Donald Trump.

“Mr. President, we are organizing. And we are organizing to bring you down,” Waters reportedly said, according to an attendee. 
”And bring your agenda down.”

She also reportedly said of Trump: “This man is deplorable, dishonest, a liar, a bully and I want him impeached.”

Earlier in the day, WMUR reporter Adam Sexton tweeted that New Hampshire’s Democrats told his assignment desk that reporters would not be allowed at the Strafford County Democrats’ annual picnic.

New Hampshire GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester said Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH), who invited Waters to the event, “must be ashamed to be seen standing next to looney Maxine Waters.”

“Today, just minutes before the Democratic fundraiser with Liberal Congresswoman Maxine Waters, members of the press were notified the event would be closed, with no explanation as to why the change took place,” Forrester said. “Are New Hampshire democrats so ashamed and embarrassed by the potential of a Maxine Waters 2020 campaign for president that they would block the press at her first New Hampshire event?”

Media outlets speculated about Waters potentially running for president in 2020 after she said last week that she would do so if the millennials wanted her to do it. Waters later said that she just “jokingly”made those remarks.

“I have no presidential ambitions,” she emphasized.

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