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Mass Immigration Conquered California; America’s Next

It can be all too easy to forget that California, now a Democrat-mismanaged chronic cesspool, used to be a conservative stronghold. The state gave America Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and voted for the GOP in nine out of ten presidential elections between 1952 and 1988.

Clearly, a lot has changed. California hasn’t supported a single Republican presidential candidate in any of the eight elections since 1988. What’s more, the margin of support for Republican candidates has consistently shrunk, with Bill Clinton receiving 46 percent of the vote in 1992 (an election with three serious candidates) and 51 percent in 1996.

In 2020, Joe Biden garnered more than 63 percent of the California vote, the Democrats’ best year in the state since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected in a national landslide. Since 2007, Republican Party affiliation has plummeted from 33.8 percent to an abysmal 24 percent, now tying with no party preference….

While it’d be reductionist to attribute California’s leftward trend to a single variable, there’s one that can not only be blamed for much of the shift, but is also integral to understanding the left’s strategy to sink Republican majorities across America. Read more…

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