Massive Trump Announcement Immanent

Former President Donald Trump would like to announce he will embark on another campaign for the White House as early as “today,” according to his former campaign manager.

Kellyanne Conway, who led Trump to victory in 2016 and then became his White House counselor, signaled to a 7News reporter that Trump is raring for a rematch against President Joe Biden in 2024, even as Trump faces multiple criminal investigations and a congressional inquiry into his actions with regard to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“He would like to. He would like to announce today,” Conway said with a smile before adding, “or soon. And part of why he wants to is because he knows he has unfinished business. Another big part is, like the vast majority of Americans, he has no confidence in the competence of Biden-Harris. They have failed and failed again and again in this country in 18 short months. Reversing energy independence, economic prosperity, and peace abroad, it has been one disaster after the next.” Read more…

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