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McConnell Showing His True Colors Over January 6 Footage

If you’re anything like me, you are on what seems to be a few thousand email lists for conservative and/or GOP legislators. Some of it’s my fault. I signed up for email alerts from my congressman and senators. Apparently, our leaders have no trouble selling those lists because I routinely get emails from congresspeople and senators I have never heard of who are not even remotely close to my district. And they all want money. Lauren Boebert is the exception so far, but I ended up on that list because I asked her press team for an interview. I never heard back, but I do get newsletters, and she has yet to shake me down for my spare change. So thumbs up to Boebert, at least on that front.

It goes without saying that you have to be careful when it comes to handing over your hard-earned, quickly devaluing dollars to candidates. As conservatives have repeatedly learned the hard way, a person campaigning for office can differ vastly from a person holding office. So vetting said candidate to see if they deserve your money is always a wise bet. If not, you end up with Mitch McConnell. Read more…

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