Media Freakout: Trump Announces Fake News Awards

Quite predictably, the fake news media isn’t reacting very positively to Trump’s announcement of the first annual Fake News Awards.

After credible studies have shown that over 90% of the president’s news coverage by the mainstream media in the first year was negative, the awards are well-deserved.

The publications in the crosshairs for completely false stories include the usual suspects CNN, NY Times, WashPo, ABC, Time, and Newsweek.

WashPo has already reacted by calling the awards a ‘huge flop’…well, except for all the media coverage they’re getting.

Which is funny, if you think about it.

WashPo is running a fake news hit-piece on their multiple fake news awards for fake news stories.

Here’s more from BizPacReview…

The GOP hosted the “Highly Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards.” Drum roll please.

Here is what the Republican National Committee announced, verbatim, in its entirety:

“2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90% of the media’s coverage of President Trump is negative.

1. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman claimed on the day of President Trump’s historic, landslide victory that the economy would never recover.

2. ABC News’ Brian Ross CHOKES and sends markets in a downward spiral with false report.

3. CNN FALSELY reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald J. Trump, Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.

4. TIME FALSELY reported that President Trump removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office.

5. Washington Post FALSELY reported the President’s massive sold-out rally in Pensacola, Florida was empty. Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in.

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