Memo Gets Released, Comey Blasts As ‘Dishonest’

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey immediately blasted the newly-released House FISA memo as ‘dishonest’ and discounted its impact, questioning via Twitter: “That’s it?”

But we should underscore the seriousness of the details conveyed in a mere few pages.

What House investigators have outlined is that the FBI knowingly used a Democrat-funded dossier — which Comey himself argued was ‘salacious’ — to justify to the FISA court a warrant to surveil a member of Trump’s campaign.

And then agency heads repeatedly requested reauthorization of the warrant without bothering to disclose to the court that the Democrat Party and Fusion GPS were heavily involved in fabricating unsubstantiated claims in the midst of a presidential election.

It rises well above the standard of negligence and incompetence; it’s clear and obvious corruption with the intent of targeting the campaign of a candidate for the Oval Office.

If that isn’t collusion, what is?

Here’s more from The Hill…

Former FBI Director James Comey torched Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee over the release of a memo alleging the Department of Justice abused a surveillance program on Friday, tweeting, “That’s it?”

“Dishonest and misleading memo wrecked the House intel committee, destroyed trust with Intelligence Community, damaged relationship with FISA court, and inexcusably exposed classified investigation of an American citizen. For what?” Comey tweeted Friday.

“DOJ & FBI must keep doing their jobs,” he added.

The House Intelligence Committee released the memo Friday, shortly after President Trump approved the document’s release.
The document was complied by the office of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and alleges that the Justice Department abused a surveillance program.

The memo claims that the department used information gained from the so-called Steele dossier to obtain surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

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