Memo Shows Comey Accusing Hillary of ‘Gross Negligence’

We haven’t forgotten about the recent revelations of the FBI’s, shall we say, mishandling of the Hillary email server scandal.

Not by a long shot.

And apparently neither has Congress.

Last week the FBI turned over to congressional leaders several memos concerning the proceedings during the investigation.

And something very peculiar has turned up.

One of former Director James Comey’s earliest memos included an accusation against Hillary for having been ‘grossly negligent’.

That phrase is important because ‘gross negligence’ constitutes a federal crime.

But at some point in the process, that language was downgraded to ‘extremely careless’.

The questions for Congress to investigate include who made the revision and for what reason.

Regardless, Comey, Hillary, Lynch and others should be hauled before Congress to testify again…under oath.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Well, on Friday the FBI delivered to the Congress internal memos on the decisionmaking process that led former FBI Director James Comey to conclude that pilfering highly classified satellite imagery from a SCIF and storing it on your private server was no big deal. Today we get the first leak from those documents.

An early draft of former FBI director James Comey’s statement closing out the Hillary Clinton email case accused the former secretary of State of having been “grossly negligent” in handling classified information, newly reported memos to Congress show.

The tough language was changed to the much softer accusation that Clinton had been “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information when Comey announced in July 2016 there would be no charges against her.

The change is significant, since federal law states that gross negligence in handling the nation’s intelligence can be punished criminally with prison time or fines.

Spokesmen for the FBI and Clinton did not immediately return phone calls or emails seeking comment.
The draft, written weeks before the announcement of no charges, was described by multiple sources who saw the document both before and after it was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee this past weekend.

“There is evidence to support a conclusion that Secretary Clinton, and others, used the email server in a manner that was grossly negligent with respect to the handling of classified information,” reads the statement, one of Comey’s earliest drafts.

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