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Michigan Governor is Doing Her Best KGB Impression

Try to imagine a place where the government can shut down business owners on the whim of a bureaucrat. This might be a country where the government encourages kids to snitch on their parents; where schools teach “universal equality” while government enforcers reign above everybody, and where no one’s allowed to notice. A country perhaps, where churches no longer function publicly, and where the enforcement of law only seems to go in one direction: towards us, the citizens. Left-wing mobs roam and pillage at will, and the government insists that those who point it out, let alone defend themselves, are deranged. We here at Conservative Alerts invite you to stop thinking of the USSR, and start thinking of Michigan under Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Let’s talk about why.

Marlina Pavlos-Hackney owns, or owned, a Pizzeria and Bistro in Holland, Michigan. When the government alerted citizens over a year ago to the existence of a virus capable of wiping out many millions of people she, like many others, obeyed lockdown orders. When it became clear that this virus was keeping law-biding people locked up and away from business, while Antifa and BLM destroyed many of those businesses, citizens like Mrs. Pavlos-Hackney made a decision. She decided that instead of worrying about a virus so horrific that you have to be tested to know that you have it, she’d concern herself with the real virus sweeping America’s middle class in the Obama/Biden era: dispossession and bankruptcy. She opened her business.

Now she is in jail. Governor Gretchen Whitmer is why. And this isn’t the only time this has happened. Read more…

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