Michigan Prosecutor Dismisses All Charges Related to Violations of Whitmer’s Lockdown Orders

he prosecutor for Wayne County, Michigan has announced that her office will dismiss all charges related to violations of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s (D-Mich.) coronavirus lockdown orders, as reported by The Hill.

Prosecutor Kim Worthy, whose jurisdiction includes the city of Detroit, said in a statement that the nearly 1,700 cases involving violations of various lockdown rules and restrictions will no longer be pursued by her office. The decision comes after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Whitmer’s authority to issue more lockdown orders expired on April 30th of 2020, and that any such alleged violations after that date cannot be prosecuted.

“It was determined,” the prosecutor’s statement said, “that there is not a legal basis to proceed with them. WCPO will be dismissing all adjudicated cases and all pending cases.” Although the statement then went on to claim, with no evidence, that “Governor Whitmer’s leadership has prevented many of our citizens from contracting COVID-19,” it was forced to admit that “considering the Supreme Court’s decision, WCPO will no longer use criminal prosecution to enforce the Governor’s Executive Order.” Read more…

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