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Migrant Caravan in Guatemala Pushes Through Border from Honduras – Heading to U.S.A.

Guatemalan officials report that approximately 6,500 migrants are on the move from Honduras. The migrants began pushing through the Guatemalan southern border. Their ultimate destination – U.S.A.

Guatemala’s immigration spokesman Alejandra Mena told Reuters that there were approximately 6,500 Honduran migrants on the move. Thousands crossed the country’s southern border on Saturday with an ultimate announced destination of the United States.

Mena told the news outlet that as many as 3,500 have already pushed through their border into Guatemala. A Honduran police officer said he observed “more or less 5,000 people” walk past his checkpoint.

A video tweeted by Festivales Solidarios shows thousands pushing past Guatemalan police and soldiers.

Guatemalan soldiers blocked part of the caravan at a point a few miles north of where they pushed across the border from Honduras, ABC News stated. Guatmala is aggressively attempting to detain the Honduran migrants and bus them back to their home country. Read more…

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