Mike Galiga Joins Conservative Alerts as Economic & Investments Adviser

Investing and economic guru Mike Galiga has been leading headlines in recent weeks with his predictions on what to expect in the coming weeks and months in global economic and market events. And reader feedback has been off the charts, with requests for more, more, more! We hear you loud & clear. So now we’re overjoyed to formally announce that Mike has agreed to join CA as an adviser and in-house writer on all things financial, investing and economic.

Mike’s expertise is built atop a confluence of unique life experiences: working with Sam Walton (yes, that Sam Walton), piloting Cessna turboprops, being a Major in the USAF Auxiliary and graduating law school with only $11.70 in hand. From humble beginnings to American dream successes — in bull, bear & flat markets — he’s seen and done it all. He’s cultivated his impressive trading skills on a unique blend of fundamentals and technicals, plus a generous layer of the wisdom-driven art of trading to grow the wealth of his followers.

Mike has an uncanny ability to see seemingly unconnected geopolitical events before they happen and predict how those events will affect world markets, the balance of global financial networks and the impact they have on the every day investor.

His insight has proven critical for major players around the world and here in the U.S. Mike is a master of using stock & stock option positions to make money whether companies or indices are rising or falling. While the bulls among our readership may have a good sense of how to make money as a stock rises, it is sometimes surprising to learn that equally good profits- and even superior gains- can be made in falling stock prices too. Mike is excellent at helping his followers make money in either scenario.

Mike says: “As our new President & Congress continue to implement change, market volatility should be expected. There are going to be big winners and big losers in the 2017-18 markets. Select stocks are going to roar higher, while others are going to get knocked down as new policy and policy change realizations shake the markets. Stock investors & traders on the right side of such trades are going to make a lot of money in the next few years. Options traders using leverage on those same moves are going to make many times more. For smart investors, these should be superior years to build wealth. And I look forward to sharing my knowledge & experience with the Conservative Alerts readers in the coming year.”

We’re ecstatic to have Mike join our team in this very popular capacity. If you have some economic or investing questions for Mike, ask him at: [email protected]. Questions of broad interest to our followers will likely be addressed in future editions. Help us welcome Mike to the team! And enjoy his contributions in upcoming issues.

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