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Military Suicides Now Kill More Than Covid

A new study commissioned by the Pentagon and released Wednesday indicates that suicides among active-duty members of the United States Army have increased by 46% relative to 2020, with 60 Soldiers killing themselves in 2021. Suicides had in turn increased last year, as well.

It’s not unheard for military leaders to enact anti-suicide programs, although some have questioned if the Department of Defense is emphasizing suicide prevention enough.

Suicide rates have also increased in both components of the National Guard and the Navy…

A total of 67 service members have died of the coronavirus since the disease’s origin, with suicide inflicting a far greater toll upon the military than the virus. A total of 580 troops across all branches of the military killed themselves in 2020, dwarfing coronavirus casualties. Some have questioned if laser-focus on coronavirus concerns at military faculties is appropriate, with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin having pointed to the virus as the military’s highest priority. Read more…

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