Milley: War on Terrorism… on White Cadets

…But now it seems that the “woke revolution” has infiltrated the War College with the latest issue of Parameters that features an article entitled “The Alt-Right Movement and U.S. National Security,” by Matthew Valasik, associate professor of sociology at Louisiana State University, and Dr. Shannon Reid, associate professor of criminal justice and criminology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Their article examines what the authors call “the disconcerting connection between the US military and the White power movement,” and traces its historical roots to before the American Civil War. The authors allege that “there is an overrepresentation of military veterans affiliated with far-right groups and the broader White power movement.” Military veterans, they write, have a “greater willingness to join far-right groups than the average civilian.”

The authors allege that the end of each of America’s wars has produced surges in veterans’ memberships in White power groups. They especially point to Vietnam War veterans (who apparently have not been maligned enough for the far Left) whose experience of loss, frustration, and doubt was similar, they write, to Confederate veterans after the Civil War. Read more…

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