Mitt Romney Just Betrayed the Entire Country

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah.) said that he is planning “a much deeper dive” into Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson after he opposed nomination to the D.C. appeals court.

“I have begun a deeper dive, a much deeper dive than I had during the prior evaluation,” Romney said on “The Source with Kasie Hunt” on CNN+. “In this case, as well, she’s gone into much more depth talking about her judicial philosophy that she had before. And we’re, of course, looking at her judicial record, as a district judge and as an appellate judge, in far more depth than we had before.”

When asked about the tone and tenor of Jackson’s hearing and how his Republican colleagues questioned her record, Romney said he thought some of them asked respectable questions to Jackson…

Romney added, however, that some Republicans, whom he did not name, used rhetoric that “was a little hot.” Read more…

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