Moderate Dems Tire of the Woke Frenzy

Some days ago, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who is one of the moderates holding up Biden’s “build back better” agenda, was accosted and filmed in a public bathroom. The illegal immigrant activists blistered her for not supporting a pathway to citizenship via reconciliation, something the Senate parliamentarian has already said can’t be done anyway.

But it was really the reaction to that scene that held the most impact. You expect far-left lunatics to be far-left lunatics. What Sinema probably didn’t expect was for Joe Biden to claim the attack was “part of the process,” while Bernie Sanders holds up a letter of condemnation.

As I speculated, Sinema doesn’t appear to have taken too kindly to those acts of political cowardice. Reports are now saying she is refusing to accept calls from the White House. Read more…

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