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Mom: Trans is a Teacher-Led Mass Hysteria Among Girls


A quarter of the girls in my daughter’s class identify as transgender. Seven out of 28.

When I said that on Twitter recently, I was roundly attacked for being a TERF who makes up ridiculous stories to harm trans people.

While I may be a TERF, I did not make this up. A quarter of the girls in my kid’s class identify as boys. One of them has had four names this year, all from anime series.

I keep seeing people say, both on the hell-site Twitter and in the popular media, that the trans population is a tiny minority, less than 0.1% of the population. If that is true, what is going on at my child’s school? What has made the number of trans-identified girls in one year group grow from a constant zero pre-pandemic, to 25% now?

Here’s my theory, and I know that this will be a familiar story for many parents. Read more…

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