More Races Move In GOP’s Favor as Red Wave Strengthens

We’ve been saying that the momentum seems to be all toward the Republicans at this point. We’ve seen even in New York that Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) polling having him in a dead heat with Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul, which is another big sign that Democrats are in deep trouble in the midterms.

According to the Fox News Power Ranking, 5 races in the blue Northeast just shifted towards the Republicans.

Fox is also predicting the likely scenario in the race for the House to be 233 for the Republicans and 202 for the Democrats. They also noted that the “ideal” night for Republicans could mean that they walk away with 249 seats.

The first race they are counting is the Hochul-Zeldin race. Then there are 4 House races.

Fox has moved House races in the GOP’s favor in New York and New Jersey, noting that the weakness at the top of the Democratic ticket isn’t helping the Democrats and is one of the things helping to drive the move to the Republicans. Read more…

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