More White House Leaks: Sen. Ted Cruz for Attorney General?

Because, ya know, there isn’t enough intrigue and innuendo going around already, now comes the newest edition of the White-House-leak-Russia-investigation-Attorney-General-ouster saga.

According to sources both in and out of the White House, President Trump is actively considering firing AG Sessions and replacing him with Sen. Ted Cruz.

Yesterday we reported on the speculation that Rudy Giuliani could replace Sessions, but Rudy’s defense of Sessions’ recusal could spike that punch.

Meanwhile, a Cruz appointment — as odd as that sounds given his anti-Trump vitriol during the primary campaign — would be a smart move in that it would consolidate much of the ‘Never Trump’ support in favor of the administration.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Trump is reportedly so incensed with Sessions for recusing himself from all things Russia-related, that he is very much on short time.

The president also is said to feel that if Sessions were out of the way, a new Attorney General would pave the way to firing special counsel Robert Mueller and ending the Russia investigation.

But back to the potential replacements for Sessions:

President Trump and his advisers are floating possible replacements for Attorney General Jeff Sessions — and the list includes Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), The Washington Post reports.

Cruz and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) are reportedly among the candidates Trump’s team is considering to replace Sessions, though Giuliani said earlier in the day that he’s not being considered.

During the primaries, the rhetoric between Trump and Cruz got intense, with Cruz slamming Trump’s “New York values” and Trump accusing Cruz’s father of being somehow connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

While they eventually came to an uneasy truce, one has to wonder if there’s any lingering bad blood, and if so, would Cruz be the kind of attorney general to end an ongoing investigation just to make points with his new boss?

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