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MSNBC Recommends Mask-Gagging Your Kids

An NBC correspondent told Today Show viewers and hosts to double mask their kids before sending them to school if they can’t find the more heavy duty N95 mask in children’s sizes, so that “not a lot of air” gets through to their faces.

The instructions came from NBC journalist Vicky Nguyen, not a medical doctor, who appeared on the Today Show for a segment on renewed mask use and mandates as NBC and other corporate media outlets use their coverage to ramp up fears of COVID and its omicron variant, a mild version of the virus that persists in heavily vaccinated populations.

Despite massive amounts of medical research indicating mask mandates have likely been counter productive and developmentally damaging for children, Nguyen recommended that all Americans, especially children, wear as tight a fitting as possible or double up if heavy duty N and KN 95 masks are not available.

“They go all the way over your head,” Nguyen said of the heavy duty masks. “Not the most comfortable but very very snug. Not a lot of air is getting in between the sides of my cheeks or the tops of my cheeks.” Read more…

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