Mueller Disappoints Left: Trump Not Criminal Target

Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition continues to drag on with little to show for it except a couple bate-fish prosecutions which have precisely nothing to do with Russia.

And now the left is holding the empty bag after a year of hopes and dreams of a presidential ouster for alleged Russia collusion.

Mueller announced earlier this week that President Trump is not a criminal target of the ongoing investigation, though he is still a subject of the general witch hunt.

Perhaps that might be because the only real collusion was at the FBI.

And when Horowitz’s investigation report is released in a few weeks, Mueller’s fledgling operating will be deflated like an old birthday balloon.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Special counsel Robert Mueller has told President Trump’s legal team that Trump is still being investigated as part of the federal Russia probe, but he is not currently being considered as a criminal target, according to a report.

Mueller advised Trump’s lawyers, however, he is drafting a report detailing the president’s conduct since his inauguration and whether he has potentially obstructed justice, per the Washington Post.

The latest report on the special counsel’s inquiry comes as Mueller’s investigators continue to negotiate with Trump’s attorneys about the possibility of a sit-down interview with the president.

While some of Trump’s legal team celebrated the news, others were concerned that Mueller might be trying to trap the president into agreeing to an interview by lulling him into a false sense of security where he could incriminate himself under oath, the newspaper reported.

Trump’s chief counsel Jay Sekulow and his former top attorney John Dowd declined to comment to the Post, as did White House lawyer Ty Cobb.

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