Mueller Picks Another Clinton/Obama Donor for Russia Probe

Clearly President Trump has done himself few favors in the first eight months of his administration whether via late night tweets or not-so-great picks in staff or mixed signals on his agenda.

But few can argue with the reality that there’s an agenda to take him down, regardless of how tight he may or may not run his ship.

And that’s become no more evident than in the probe-become-witch-hunt that is Robert Mueller’s FBI investigation into Russia collusion.

The word ‘independent’ was a bit premature after his appointment given that the cadre of lawyers with which he has surrounded himself includes not so veiled Obama and Clinton partisans.

And his latest appointment in Kyle Freeney is yet another who routinely donated both to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Any guess on which way he leans?

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Yet another Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama donor has been picked to work on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of Russia investigators.

The latest hire is Kyle Freeny, a Justice Department attorney working in the agency’s international money laundering unit.

According to Politico, Freeny on Friday attended the grand jury testimony of Jason Maloni, the spokesman for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Politico notes that Freeny is the 17th attorney identified as a member of Mueller’s investigative team.

Mueller, a former FBI director, is conducting an expansive probe into possible campaign collusion involving the Trump team, as well as possible financial misdealings on the part of former Trump associates, such as Manafort.

Freeny, who joined DOJ in 2007, has something in common with at least eight of her Mueller team members.

According to documents maintained by the Federal Election Commission, Freeny has donated in each of the past three presidential elections to Democratic nominees, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

She donated $250 on three separate occasions, on Sept. 13, 2008, June 30, 2012 and Sept. 9, 2016.

For seven months in 2011, Freeny worked as an attorney in the Obama White House on security clearance issues.

Some Republicans, including President Trump, have criticized the Mueller team over its Democrat-heavy roster. While Mueller himself is a registered Republican, the nine lawyers who have given to Democrats have shelled out nearly $65,000 in donations altogether.

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