Mueller’s Flynn Memo Disappoints the Left

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “investigation” is the gift that keeps on giving this season…to Donald Trump. Bereft of anything even approaching the possibility of collusion with Russia, Mueller & Friend continue to harangue Trump’s former colleagues in hopes of a forced error that might qualify as worthy of condemnation. As one columnist pointed out recently, perhaps the worst Trump and company are guilty of is “sleaze,” but unfortunately for the left, “sleaze” isn’t illegal. So, this week, Mueller has dropped his report on Michael Flynn, which once again demonstrates that there’s not a lot of “there there,” and that this investigation continues to burn taxpayer dollars with nothing to show for it. At the end of the day, Trump may be the only winner, and ahead of the 2020 race, voters may punish Democrats for fanning the flames.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s memo on former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn left members of the so-called “resistance” disappointed that the retired three star Army general would likely not face any jail time, and no collusion was detailed.

Leading up to its release, resisters were giddy over the idea the man who led a “Lock her up!” chant on the campaign trail would find himself behind bars. Mueller’s memo instead praised him for his substantial cooperation and “exemplary” service in uniform, leaving some angry.

Many Democrats took to Twitter to convey their unfulfilled desire for vengeance against Flynn, who was once appointed by former President Barack Obama to lead the Defense Intelligence Agency.

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