NAACP: Mandatory Bias Testing for Everyone

Racism is bad, and, yes, it still exists. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, ‘racialism’ is just as bad.

What the heck is ‘racialism’, you ask?

It’s the inability to view any subject from any perspective except race.

And obsessive racialism might explain why the NAACP now, according to the organization’s president, believes anyone who serves in a public capacity ought to undergo what’s called a mandatory Implicit Bias Test.

It’s a test that claims to show whether a person harbors unconscious racial bias.

The problem — aside from the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution — is that it’s an inherently flawed test that produces rampant false negatives.

It’s a page right out of a George Orwell book.

In other words, for the NAACP, it’s 1984 all over again.

Here’s more from Hotair…

NAACP President Derrick Johnson wrote a piece for USAToday yesterday announcing that his organization was calling for mandatory implicit bias testing for all public officials. Implicit bias testing is a method which claims to be able to detect subconscious bias within individuals’ thought processes (more on that in a moment). While Johnson didn’t call for mandatory testing of everyone, he thinks testing everyone is a good idea.

Everyone should get tested for implicit bias, and if you’re a public official or receiving public dollars — it should be mandatory. It’s just a matter of time before another black person is abused, arrested, or shot dead for flying, golfing, driving, walking or drinking coffee “while black.”…

While the United States has a very long history with explicit bias and state-sponsored racism, we are only partially committed to believing the extent to which our internal biases impacts us subconsciously. We are unable to grasp that implicit bias functions like a powdered drug stirred into our societal drink and continuously seeping out our societal pores, ranging from law enforcement to education to religion, entertainment and media. It’s like our shadow and travels with all of us everywhere we go, regardless of our self-proclaimed objectivity or colorblindness…

The NAACP is calling for an expansion of the movement to demand mandatory testing for implicit bias, particularly for officials paid with public dollars. For major corporations, implicit bias training must become a part of corporate responsibility rather than always as a response to video-taped intolerance.

This is the beginning of a movement designed to awaken the soul of our nation in ways that not only make us better people, but also a society where we are both accountable for what we know as well as what we are unaware of.

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