Nancy Pelosi Has Break Down After DREAMers Crash Presser

“Stop it! Just stop it now!”

That’s how Nancy Pelosi ended her press conference this week after it was crashed by a horde of DREAMers. [pause for uncontrollable chuckle]

It’s too much fun to watch the left get a taste of their own medicine.

Pelosi was attempting to astroturf her own support for the budding agreement with the White House on fixing DACA, which will allow the nearly 1 million illegal immigrant youth in the U.S. to remain with legal status.

But a gaggle of these youth protested Nancy’s proposal as not enough.

Brandishing flyers that read “Fight 4 All 11 Million”, Pelosi’s favorite victim group wants full-scale amnesty or nothing.

How ironic would it be if DACA failed because Democrats can’t agree with each other on how much amnesty to offer?

Here’s more from BizPacReview…

A hilarious scene unfolded when Nancy Pelosi was met by angry illegal immigrants outraged that she is working with President Donald Trump to protect them.

Pelosi was alongside fellow California Reps. Jared Huffman and Barbara Lee at news conference they called to demand President Trump pass the DREAM Act on Monday, CBS SF Bay Area reported.

“Our nation’s dreamers are an inspiration to all of us,” Pelosi said. “With their courage and their patriotism. They embody the promise of America… Of the American Dream… Make American dream again.”

But the niceties didn’t last long.

A group of about 40 “Dreamers,” illegal immigrants brought to America as children, chanted “Let us speak,” and “No lip service” at the House minority leader.

The group was apparently angry that Pelosi and Dem. Sen. minority leader Chuck Schumer have been negotiating with the president on immigration, in order to save the “Dreamers” from deportation.

The protesters were not interested in any type of negotiation that didn’t result in them getting everything they wanted and conservatives getting nothing. They must have missed who won the elections in November.

“We undocumented youth demand a clean bill. We undocumented youth demand that you do not sell out our community and our values. We undocumented youth will not be a bargaining chip for Trump,” the angry crowd chanted.

The group demanded that Pelosi and her fellow reps fight to not have any illegal aliens deported and to stop “militarization of the border,” code for make borders open.

“You’ve had your say, and it’s beautiful to our ears,” Pelosi told the protesters, some of who carried signs that read “Democrats are deporters.” But when the group interrupted her again she got angry.

“Stop it!” she chided the illegal aliens. “Just stop it now!”

But the crowd gave her no chance to speak as they chanted “Yes or No?”

“To what?” Pelosi asked.

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