Nancy Pelosi: Trump Showing ‘Complete Disregard For the Constitution’

San Fran Nancy Pelosi is at it again with her delusional claims about the Trump administration.

On her favorite network, CNN, she blasted President Trump for allegedly showing ‘complete disregard for the Constitution’.

Her proof?

He keeps pressing his travel ban through the courts in hopes the Supreme Court will approve it.

Um, Nancy, pardon us for saying so, but that’s precisely what the Constitution prescribes in Article 3.

But since we’re on the subject, where was the protest when President Obama threatened to go around Congress with his ‘pen’ via executive orders? [crickets chirping]

Here’s more from Newsmax…

President Donald Trump has a “complete disregard for the Constitution,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday, referring to his string of tweets pushing for the travel ban despite the courts repeatedly striking it down.

“This is what the courts are about,” Pelosi stressed.

“This is about the balance of power,” she said, adding that Trump “does succeed in doing one thing, and that is keeping the attention all on him,” which she said is all that is important to him, even if the attention is negative.

When asked why Trump would take such an unusual tactic as undercutting his own White House strategy, since the administration’s stance has been that the policy is not a ban, yet the president constantly referred to it in that way, Pelosi agreed that it is unusual.

“If you want a job at the White House, know your blood type because you’re going to get thrown overboard at some point,” she emphasized.

Concerning the lack of significant progress for the GOP’s legislative agenda, including healthcare and tax reform, Pelosi rejected any charges of Democrats’ obstructionism being the cause, saying the Republicans have “a majority of the House, they have a majority of the Senate and they have the White House any day of the week.”


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