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NATO Carrier Groups Depart Toward Russia via Arctic

At a moment both sides are firmly rejecting the other’s position in ongoing Russia-NATO talks, and as the Kremlin could stage fresh naval drills in the Black Sea if the West continues to “provoke” Russia, there’s also set to be a military building in the far north, within the Arctic Circle.

The maritime monitoring site Barents Observer reports that two NATO carrier groups are currently en route to waters off northern Norway, not far from Russia’s border, for the “the largest NATO exercise inside the Arctic Circle since the 1980s.”

According to the details, the large-scale exercises focusing on sea and air are expected to include a whopping 35,000 troops from a combined 28 countries. Planning for the exercises were long underway, and preceded the current standoff and tensions between Moscow and the West over Ukraine. It will kick off in March and continue through the beginning of April. Read more…

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