NBC Fires Media Titan Matt Lauer After Major Investigation

First came Sen. Al Franken, then Rep. John Conyers, then Charlie Rose, and now the latest shoe to drop in Gropegate is Matt Lauer.

Lauer was fired by NBC this morning after a months-long investigation revealed overwhelming evidence of multiple instances of harassment and inappropriate behavior while at the helm of the Today show.

What’s more, investigative reporters say there is much more to the story which may likely include actual assault of an NBC employee at the 2014 Olympics.

Reports argue that women were terrified to come forward because Lauer had an extensive network in the media set up to ‘put the fear of god into these women’.

As some have already pointed out, the left’s perspective on the so-called ‘War on Women’ has suddenly changed: they’re the ones waging it.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

After NBC fired “Today” anchor Matt Lauer for alleged sexual misconduct, some reporters are saying there is much more to the story.

According to a report by Page Six, Lauer may have sexually assaulted an employee while at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

An NBC source told Page Six that the employee in question complained on Monday, stating, “This happened so quickly. She didn’t go to the media, she made a complaint to NBC’s human resources, and her evidence was so compelling that Matt was fired on Tuesday night. The victim says she has evidence that this has also happened to other women, but so far we don’t have evidence of that.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter reported that The New York Times and Variety Magazine were investigating Lauer’s behavior for weeks and even months before an employee filed a complaint against him. Stelter said that NBC knew about the investigations.

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